There are 5 real reasons for your company to partner with RESERVEC (pronounced “REZ-ER-VECK).

  1. Our technology is free for your company to use.
  2. Your company will not pay credit card fees for web reservations.
  3. Mobile-users are able to confirm a reservation in 60 seconds.
  4. We support your company 24/7/365 via email and phone.
  5. Founders have 30+ years in travel technologies and internet marketing.

RESERVEC understands how hard it is for small businesses to work with software providers who over- promise and under-deliver. As owners of an outdoor rental and tour business, we know that most online activities software is either too clunky for the mobile tap-and-go generation. With smart devices transforming the way people search, think and act, RESERVEC designed an easy to use, easy to adapt and easy to manage mobile experience for the consumer, employee and owner.

Your Success

No matter what fun activities your company provides for the adventure seeker, your business success is paramount. We understand you may have hesitation to change from status-quo to thinking outside the "tech-box". Really, who wants to transform their business from answering numerous phone calls, reading unclear emails and replying to forms at all hours of the day/night?

As a performance-based software provider, we genuinely care about helping your business thrive in 2020 and beyond. It is essential to understand that instant gratification is a requirement for the mobile user.

What our clients say about us

Summer around our marina can quickly become chaotic and busy. With RESERVEC, customers can book their own rentals, freeing up time for employees. At the end of the day RESERVEC serves as not only an imperative tool, but a gift of time to each employee! The RESERVEC staff is friendly, receptive, and eager to help with anything!

What can I say about RESERVEC? They have been absolutely wonderful to deal with, throughout the entire process of setting up and maintaining our reservation system. I have thrown a few curve balls to the support team, and as everything in the computer programming editing world goes, I have been very satisfied with the help they have provided me, and things have been taken care of in a reasonable amount of time. I know that if I have any issues on the daily, I can turn to their support team, as they handle things quickly and efficiently. I am very confident when I say this, I would unequivocally recommend any company to do business with RESERVEC, they will not disappoint!