The Market

Millions of tourists, mostly families, visit Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge, Tennessee every year to shop, play, eat and be entertained at shows, festivals and special events. Many tourists who have become disabled and can no longer walk, or cannot walk without difficulty, require assistance to enjoy the Smoky Mountain area and hold on to their memories. With two locations in the heart of these popular destinations, SS&R is a mobility scooter company that provides locals and tourists with optimal maneuverability through crowds and along pedestrian walkways.

The Challenge

With two stores, approximately 8 miles apart, offering a wide variety of mobility products, SS&R was faced with an increasing number of phone calls and emails to inquire about pertinent information related to each location. When a customer chose to reserve a rental, much time was spent in the store to manually compile (customer information), maintain (records), collect (monies) and track (transactions) as well as reconcile the data between both stores. Additionally, the customer was confronted with spending more time at the store to read and sign a waiver for each rental.

The Solution

Add RESERVEC’s integrated Google-map booking software to promote both locations on their website. Now the web guest simply chooses a location by tapping on a mobility icon to shop for rates, products and available dates and times – resulting in less time to book and pay for an activity and complete a digital waiver in advance.

The Results

SS&R is taking less phone calls and reading less emails from tourists to choose the most convenient location to rent a mobility scooter. The mobile interface along with an integrated smart waiver allows SS&R to maximum operational efficiencies for the staff and customers on the go.