The Market

UBR operates a fat tire bike rental and tour business in one of the most beautiful destinations in Central America. Best known for its fishing, nature and sandy beach, San Juan del Sur is located on the Pacific Ocean in southwest Nicaragua. The streets of San Juan are made up of uneven pavers and cracks and other surrounding mountainous areas consisting of bumpy-rocky dirt roads. With a challenging terrain in and around the town, skinny bike frames and tires are not recommended for most visitors wanting to ride the beach or hills.

The Challenge

UBR wanted to reduce the administrative workload by eliminating the acceptance of cash for its rental and tour business to better manage money, staff, customers and deliveries. UBR was accepting payment from walk-up customers with cash and credit card, and over the phone credit card transactions. The time allocated for this manual process – on a daily, weekly and monthly basis - along with carrying cash and running bank deposits soon became too frustrating and unnecessary. UBR recognized that today’s payment landscape has rapidly changed and the founders wanted to change with it.

The Solution

Add RESERVEC’s simple to use, real-time online booking software to the UBR website and social channels to promote services, pricing, times, availability, add-on’s, digital waiver and pre-payment for a “cash-less” customer experience.

The Results

UBR stopped accepting cash payments for rentals and tours, and also memorabilia items such as shirts and bandanas, to deliver a “cash-less” customer service in the most productive manner possible, while optimizing maximum operational efficiencies both in and out of the office using a mobile device.